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Welcome to Nomadical Coaching, run by Keith MacIntosh, UKA Licensed Athletics Coach and experienced marathon/ultra runner based in SW London and Chamonix.

UKA Coach in Running Fitness
Original Everest Marathon team leader
ReRun Clothing drop-off point
Level 2 Emergency First Aid
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If you'd like to get in touch and find out more about running 'light on your feet', please use the contact form above.

Services include form assessment, one-to-one clinics, trail running workshops and ongoing support. Packages range from £50/month, depending on the level of support that's needed - that includes an initial consultation, an individual training plan, and ongoing email correspondence.

Particular areas of interest:
  • Focusing on form and technique, so that running becomes easier, more efficient, and faster
  • Using common sense language rather than being burdened with unnecessary jargon
  • Losing the baggage of unrealistic expectations and self-inflicted stress.
  • Keeping things simple to help runners make pragmatic decisions for themselves.
  • Working on mindset, stripping out the things that don't help, and paying attention to the things that do.
  • Encouraging people to trust their own judgement, rather than putting blind faith in a coach or a training plan.
  • Helping people run with a better awareness of their breath and body.
  • Using running as a way to get off the beaten track, explore the world, and do good things in nice places.
Above all, it's about supporting people who want to become a better runner, whatever that means for them.


  • The most sensible and reassuring training plan I have ever come across
  • Your advice was invaluable
  • Immensely useful
  • You really made such a difference to my marathon - especially with my mental strength
  • Refreshingly sensible and accessible
  • Outstanding advice

As well as working with individuals, each year I provide pro bono coaching support for a range of charities, as their runners prepare for the London Marathon.

Congratulations from Mira Rai (Nepal 2016)
Representing England (2017)
Post race interviews (Afghanistan 2015)
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